What does a pinch of valor and the adjective lush create?

Hi there, my name is Valerie Lozano. First name comes from the word valor and last name means healthy looking and lush in Spanish. I am 20 years old and studying graphic design and print. Before I knew how to function alone and properly with adobe, I did most of my works in pen, pencil, and watercolor. Fun fact: I like copying fonts by eye! The fascination of fonts lead to my desire to concentrate in design.
As an ex band nerd, I like the idea of creativity with structure or parameters. For example, in music there are scales to indicate notes played, amount of beats in a measure, but you had the creativity to phrase to give the sheet of paper life, and that's what makes it music. Similar to music, graphic design has typography, grids, but you have the creativity to create the visuals to relay a message. Scroll and enjoy!