Welcome, Welcome. My name is Elyssa, I am an artist and student living in New Brunswick, New Jersey. I was born in South Jersey and luckily havent had to travel very far to follow my aspirations. Throughout my time at Mason Gross I have involved myself in both the Design and Drawing program because I find it important to expose myself to different mediums, practicalities, and ways of creating. My interest prior to college was very illustration driven. Hands-on mediums such as watercolor, colored pencil, and printmaking have made the biggest impression on my process and body of work. Let's talk about the future. I am minoring in Psychology because I was told this minor standing next to my BA would help me in getting into a Masters program for Art Education. My future plans are definitely not set in stone, but I have always connected with kids through ways of art. I have recognized that whether it be a primary interest of theirs or not, making art is a great way to connect and positively influence a young person. I would happy continuing my own work alongside teaching. I hope my body of work will also follow this direction, some goals of mine include illustrating a children's book and making things like wallpaper and graphics geared towards children.